Promoting Canadian Oats

The Manitoba Association of Agricultural Socieities (MAAS) welcomes members of the public to meet their rural neighbours and learn about their farms, products and the food they produce at Open Farm Day.

Oat producers are playing the waiting game when it comes to one of the most important things for oat crops: quality.

You are invited to an Oat and Wheat Field Tour, hosted by the Brandon Research and Development Centre.

June 13, 2016 - The AgCoalition will host three meetings across Alberta this month to engage farmers, ranchers and their employees on farm and ranch safety-related subject matter.

Oatmeal is considered a necessary evil. People know it’s good for them (albeit many don’t know why), but due to it’s blandness it tends to rank low on their personal list of favorite breakfast meals. Eating oatmeal with fruit, however, not only makes the breakfast staple more palatable, it may also be the secret to a longer life.

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