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POGA Brief to Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry - May 18th, 2016
POGA President Art Enns testified before the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry in Ottawa on Wednesday May 18th. POGA submitted the following brief:. Brief to Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry (PDF, 272KB)

POGA Position Paper on Canada Transportation Act Review Panel Report
Fair, Responsive, Efficient, Transparent: these are the things all Canadians have a right to expect from a rail system founded on Canadian resources. This system has a unique duty as one of the bedrocks of the Canadian economy. Particularly since agriculture continues to underpin the rural economy, the success of the railways, handlers, and farmers are intertwined. Shippers of all shapes and sizes need access if we are to protect Canada’s reputation as an exporter and grow our markets. Read the Position Paper (PDF, 118KB)

Oats Modal Traffic to USA
2014-2015 saw overall oat exports remain stable, with only a 16,000 tonne drop from 2013-2014. However, we also saw a 41.7% increase in the amount of oats exported to the US via truck over that same period. 27% of all oats exported to the US in 2014-2015 were moved by truck. This increase was not exclusive to oats. The total amount of Canadian grain exported to the US in 2014-2015 rose 35.8% over 2013-14, with wheat, canola meal, and especially durum also seeing dramatic increases in trucking figures. Read the Full Report (PDF, 197KB)

CTA Review Submission
POGA’s submission to the review panel of the Canada Transportation Act highlights the need to have a system that is Fair, Responsive, Effective and Transparent. That includes the ability to move for a broad range of crops and markets, including corridors that move grain south. Read the Submission Document (PDF, 565KB)

Essentials of Grinding
Canadian Feed Research Centre
Whether by roller or hammermill, reduction of grain is important so that digestive enzymes have a greater surface area to do their work.  Effective enzyme activity leads to better nutrient absorption in the intestine, resulting in better animal performance. See full article.

Production Manual
University of Alberta
This production manual is intended to be used as a reference tool for oat growers in western Canada. View, print or download the manual.

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