Promoting Canadian Oats

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Freshly baked cookies are a staple at snack time and the perfect sweet finale to a meal. Often high in fat and sugar and low in fibre, they’re also one of the first things to be given up when people resolve to follow a healthy diet.

Oats are a versatile grain with huge culinary potential, and people around the world are incorporating oats into their meals in new ways.

In China, oats were historically uncommon throughout most of the country. However, oatmeal is gaining popularity as a breakfast alternative to traditional warm rice porridge.

Oats, bananas, eggs and other ingredients for DYO face mask laid out in bowls

Did you know Oats can be used as a natural remedy to sooth some of the skin and hair problems many people experience during the dry cold of winter? People have been using oats for centuries — the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used oats for skin conditions like rashes, eczema and more. Since they are all-natural and very gentle on skin, oats may also be a good choice for people who are sensitive to store-bought skin and haircare products.

The 33rd annual Plant Sciences Graduate Student Symposium brings together graduate students from three universities studying various topics in Plant Sciences. This year's symposium will feature students from the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Manitoba, the University of Alberta and North Dakota State University.

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