Promoting Canadian Oats


Oats make an excellent feed for livestock. They have been used by cattle producers for years as a highly reliable feed source.

Cutting oats for feed when they are still green is referred to as green-feed. Oats are usually cut at the early to late milk stage for the best quality. The forage is then baled when the swath dries to or below 15% moisture. Oats can also be treated with glyphosate at the late milk stage and allowed to dry down standing before cutting and baling. This results in equally high quality feed. This method of harvesting is called making yellow-feed.

Two varieties of oats have been selected for their high leaf and stem production, which makes them desirable for green-feed production. These varieties are CDC Baler and CDC Bell. A newer variety, CDC Haymaker is a great addition to forage production in oats.

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