Promoting Canadian Oats

From Tech Life Today: "Open Wide for Fermented Oat Cheese! Research Partnership Explores New Ways to Transform Grain"

From NAIT’s research kitchen, Maynard Kolskog plays the role of mad oat scientist – experimenting with new concoctions and recipes with the grain. It’s part of a research partnership with the University of Alberta and the Prairie Oat Growers Association (POGA) to transform oats from humble cereal grain to myriad forms of heart-smart superfoods that fit a variety of consumer diets.

Oat products such as milk substitutes have already found a spot on grocery store shelves, and the research partners see strong potential to expand. “There’s a lot of uses out there that haven’t been determined,” says Shawna Mathieson, executive director with POGA. “Canadians are hungry for more natural and healthy foods.”

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