Promoting Canadian Oats

A jar of oat-based skin cream and a bowl of honey

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – summer! This means your skin will be getting a lot more exposure, which can unfortunately lead to its own set of issues. Sunburn, bug bites and rashes from irritating plants are just some of the challenges that come with warmer weather.

Lucky for you, Canadian oats can be used to make effective and natural remedies to help you handle each challenge your skin may come up against over the summer.

You can make a soothing oat remedy for sunburns at home. Mix finely ground oats with lukewarm water and gently pat the mixture onto affected areas. Oatmeal is full of B-vitamins which help to moisturize and nourish any dry and blistered skin you may experience after a sunburn.

Oatmeal reduces inflammation of the burn, while soothing and hydrating the skin. Some people also recommend adding milk or honey to the mixture. Leave it to sit on your skin for about 20 minutes, then carefully wipe it off with a damp cloth and cool water.

Summer is a great time for relaxing in nature, but biting bugs can leave you feeling itchy, irritated and distracted. The same oat paste that relieves sunburns can also be used on bug bites! Let the paste sit on the affected area for about 10 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

If you had a run-in with a gang of biting bugs and now you find yourself covered in bites, try an itch-relieving oatmeal bath. Mix one to two cups of finely ground oats into bathwater and soak in the bath for about half an hour, occasionally rubbing clumps of ground oatmeal over the bites.

Finally, Canadian oats can help relieve pain and itching caused by rash-inducing plants. If you think you have come into contact with a skin-irritating plant, immediately wash your skin with soap and cold water to help your pores stay closed. If a rash develops, you can apply an oat paste to the area or take an oat bath to help ease the feeling of intense itchiness and soothe the blistered skin. If your oat remedy is not providing relief, seek medical attention.

Don’t let anything keep you from enjoying your summer – use a home remedy with Canadian oats to alleviate your symptoms so you can get out and enjoy your favourite summer activities.