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From EconoTimes - Cereal killers? General Mills Hit with Cheerios Lawsuit

With the ink barely dry on the jury’s shock ruling in the case of Dewayne Johnson versus Monsanto, news that food giant General Mills has been hit with a class action lawsuit over the presence of miniscule traces of weed killer in its Cheerios breakfast cereal has an air of inevitability. Now that the brakes are off, the litigation gravy train has truly left the station.

It’s grim reading for cereal producers as they contemplate a tsunami of claims that could cost the industry millions of dollars – despite the weight of evidence that supports not only the continued use of glyphosate in common agricultural practise, but also the government-approved benchmarks that ensure our food is safe to eat. And the lawsuit is only part of a wider problem linked to widespread “chemophobia” among the general public.

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