Promoting Canadian Oats

DEFRA released their latest 2015 UK oat estimates today pegging production at 0.779 MMT, down 5% or 41,000 MT from 2014, but is 5% or 37,000 mt above the five year average of 0.742 MT.

Commerical stocks of oats as of October 11, 2015 - 180,000 tonnes; Year to date exports 236,800 tonnes and producer deliveries 458,100 tonnes

Manitoba markets as of October 8, 2015 for #2cw oats was $2.79/bu, ($180.91/tonne). 

Average crop prices for October 16, 2015 indicated by Prairie Crop Charts ($cdn/bu delivered Elevator)

Rayglen commodities report that oat prices continue to sit around the $235 FOB the farm in most areas of Saskatchewan.  Feed oats has been trading around $210 to 2.2o/bu FOB the farm.