Promoting Canadian Oats

Saskatchewan Crop Report for period September 22 – 28, 2015, 59% of the oat crop was combined.

The Oats 2020 Conference will take place from November 23 to 25, 2015. Organized by IBERS, the conference will provide updates on the recent QUOATS project; oats impact on human health and nutrition; identify breeding and research targets for end user requirements and identify opportunities and challenges for the oats industry.

The largest Ag-Genomics meeting in the world will be hosting their yearly workshop on oat genomics.

It's a consumer's prerogative to be skeptical of science related to food safety, animal welfare, and the environment. Should we be letting them define the questions that we need to answer? Ross MacDonald, in a recent article for The Western Producer, provides some food for thought.

World Oats Trade, production and consumption figures published for the period 1011/12. to 2015/16 were recently released.  Canada, for example shows exports of 1600 thousand mt while Australia exported 350 thousand mt. 

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