Promoting Canadian Oats

As of September 8, 2015.

As of September 9, 2015.

Prices received by farmers in July for grains, oilseeds, specialty crops, cattle, hogs, poultry, eggs and dairy products were released September  4, 2015. Here is the oats situation:

WGRF is a farmer funded and directed non-profit organization investing in agricultural research that benefits western Canadian producers. For over 30 years the WGRF Board has given producers a voice in agricultural research funding decisions. WGRF manages an Endowment Fund and the wheat and barley variety development check-off funds, investing over $13 million annually into variety development and field crop research. WGRF brings the research spending power of all farmers in Western Canada together, maximizing the returns they see in crop research.  Current research projects supported by WGRF and of interest to oat producers are summarized below. 

The Canadian Seed Trade Association has been reaching out over the past few months with an education campaign to ensure everyone is aware of the new obligations that come with expanded Plant Breeders’ Rights.  Take their short survey to let them know how they are doing and receive a $10 Tim Horton's gift card if you are one of the first 50 to participate.

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