Promoting Canadian Oats

To address the shortage of workers in agriculture, the Canadian Agricultural Human Resources Council has implemented a pilot project with the Saskatchewan Abilities Council to match job seekers and ag employers through their Partners in Employment Offices in Saskatoon, Regina, Yorkton and Swift Current, SK.

On Wednesday, June 1, acting Chief Commissioner, Jim Smolik announced that the Canadian Grain Commission is commencing the claims process to compensate producers who were not paid for their grain deliveries by Naber Specialty Grains Ltd.

POGA President Art Enns testified before the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry in Ottawa on Wednesday May 18th. POGA submitted the following brief:

Annual Oats Exports, ending April 3, 2016Canadian oat exports for 2015-16 have remained at a slightly reduced rate compared to 2014-15. The drop between 2013-14 and this year has increased since the beginning of 2016, indicating an unspectacular performance over the winter months for exports, though railcar availability has not been a significant factor.

Farm Progress Show: June 15-17