Promoting Canadian Oats

Keep it Clean is reminding Canadian canola, cereal and pulse growers that careful management of pre-harvest glyphosate applications can help to ensure crops meet the needs of our domestic and export customers. Applying pre-harvest glyphosate too early can result in unacceptable product residues in the grain which can create market risk.

Dr. Jennifer Mitchell Fetch was awarded for Distinguished Service to Oat Improvement at the 2018 American Oat Workers Conference.

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These important people will be honoured during the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association’s virtual annual meeting on July 7.

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Following the announcement of plans to build a new oat mill in Manitoba last October, growers may be considering adding oats to the rotation. They’re a good cold-weather crop, prices have been decent and demand has been stable. Those adding oats to the rotation should be aware of the major diseases that affect both yield and quality.

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Protect your investments and the marketability of your cereal crop by being aware of the market considerations for the following crop protection products:  glyphosate (e.g. Roundup), saflufenacil (e.g. Kixor) and chlormequat (e.g. Manipulator).