Promoting Canadian Oats

Protect your investments and the marketability of your cereal crop by being aware of the market considerations for the following crop protection products:  glyphosate (e.g. Roundup), saflufenacil (e.g. Kixor) and chlormequat (e.g. Manipulator).

In an effort to maximize yield and quality, some oat producers are pushing nitrogen (N) rates higher and using a fungicide for disease control even when disease intensity is low.

FP Genetics is pleased to announce that CDC Arborg white milling oats are now a recommended variety and accepted by Grain Millers Inc. at Yorkton, Sask.

If you're out of flour, but still want to make a delicious loaf of bread, here's a great alternative.

Construction of a new facility to process gluten-free oats will begin this spring south of Regina.