Promoting Canadian Oats

For many people around the world, a warm bowl of nutritious and filling oatmeal made from Canadian oats is how they start their day.

Topped with a sprinkling of fresh fruit, a heaping spoonful of brown sugar, or some savoury ingredients like the bacon and cheese in this recipe, oats are a delicious part of a healthy lifestyle.

MANITOBA – When Manitoba oat grower and Prairie Oat Growers Association President, Art Enns, sowed a 35-acre crop this spring with the intention of donating the revenues of the harvest to the Manyinga Project, he had no idea what an adventure that harvest would be.

Grain farmers must pay attention to two critical issues related to the pre-harvest application of pesticides – applying too early and applying too close to combining.

Recipe Contests in Mexico Organized by POGA

Did you ever think that you can make the Mexican dish tamales with oats? How about oats ice cream or lasagna? Honestly we haven´t, but the Mexicans have!

Art Enns, POGA president, has been featured in The Winnipeg Free Press for his charitable work helping international youth through his fundraising crops.