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Steel-cut oats are a delicious and filling way to start your day. Made when the whole groat is cut into several pieces, steel-cut oats have a more nutty flavour than rolled or quick oats. A bowl of steel-cut oatmeal can take nearly 45 minutes to cook, so it can be hard to find time to make them on a busy morning. But this steel-cut oats recipe cuts down on cooking time and is very easy to make.


1. Add steel-cut oats and water/milk (a ratio of 1:3) to a saucepan, give it a little stir and bring to a boil.

2. Then, place the saucepan lid on, turn off the heat completely and go to bed.

3. In the morning, take off the lid and enjoy your steel-cut oatmeal!

Recipe courtesy of the Huffington Post.



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