Promoting Canadian Oats

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This play on the classic “Sopa de Tortilla en Bolitas” uses high-protein oat flour instead of corn tortillas as the base for its delicious bolitas. This is a great recipe for those who are gluten-free… or for anyone who doesn’t have stale tortillas lying around but still wants a delicious, hearty soup! 


For the oat fritters:

4 cups (360 g) whole oats
1/2 cup (120 mL) milk
1/2 of a yellow onion
1 tablespoon minced garlic
1/4 cup roughly chopped cilantro leaves
1/2 tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
A few grinds of black pepper
1 egg
1 cup (100 g) grated cotija cheese or grated salted mozzarella
1/2 cup vegetable oil, for frying

For the soup:

2 whole white onions, chopped
2 tablespoons minced garlic
1 tablespoon salt, plus more to taste
Black pepper
1/4 cup tomato paste
1/4 cup (60 mL) red wine vinegar
2 teaspoons sugar
16 whole tomatoes, roughly chopped
2 cups (240 mL) beef or vegetable broth
1/2 cup (120 mL) heavy cream
Cilantro and sour cream, to garnish


  1. In a large bowl, soak the oats in the milk for about 30 minutes. While the oats are soaking, start the tomato soup. 
  2. In a large soup pot, heat two tablespoons vegetable oil over medium-high heat. Add the onions and garlic and cook, stirring, until they start to brown, about 5 minutes. 
  3. Add the salt, black pepper, tomato paste, vinegar, and sugar and cook for 2-3 minutes, then add the tomatoes. Stir until the tomatoes start to break apart, then add the stock, cover the pot with a lid, and let it cook for 20 minutes, until the tomatoes have broken down. Remove the lid and let the soup simmer while you cook the fritters. 
  4. Transfer the oats to a food processor along with the onion, garlic, cilantro, salt, cayenne, black pepper, egg, and cheese. Purée until smooth, adding a little extra milk if it is too dry. Gently roll the mixture into 2-inch balls.
  5. Heat 1/2 cup oil in a large saucepan over medium-high. Cook the oat balls, turning as needed, until golden on all sides, 5 minutes. Transfer fried balls to a plate and set them aside as you cook the rest.  
  6. Use an immersion blender to thoroughly puree the tomato soup, then add the cream and the oat fritters. 
  7. Serve garnished with a little sour cream and chopped cilantro. Enjoy!