Promoting Canadian Oats

oatmeal coffee additive/creamer


Oats is the logical choice to development of a non-dairy creamer. Oats have functional/nutrition proteins, they have high levels of beta glucan, and they can be utilized fairly well in beverage applications. Compared to faba bean, canola, and an oat/faba bean protein blend, oat proteins were shown to be the most suitable choice to replace dairy and soy proteins within a coffee creamer.

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Breeding for Resistance to Leaf Blotch Pathogens in Saskatchewan Oat


Over the four years (2014-2017) that field surveys were conducted in commercial oat fields to evaluate the prevalence of oat leaf blotch pathogens P. avenae was the most often identified, being present in 59% of the 160 fields surveyed. Cochliobolus sativus was present in 23% of surveyed fields while S. avenae was only identified in 3% of fields. The ranking prevalence of these pathogens was consistent across all four years and differs from prior surveys conducted where S. avenae was observed in all years and with greater prevalence than C. sativus in most years (2011-2013). 

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