Promoting Canadian Oats

Agriculture in the Classroom - Oats for Breakfast

The goal of the project was to promote oats as a healthy food choice, to support nutrition programs in high needs schools and increase awareness of agriculture education programming. A total of 2001 students, 114 staff members and 53 community members participated in the Oats for Breakfast events. View the PDF below for final report.

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Product Development from Gluten Free Oat Fractions

One of the project’s primary goals is to demonstrate how the unique functionalities of oats can be used to improve existing products or develop innovative products that can be commercialized.

Increase The Oat Acres In Alberta By Finding A High Yielding Oat Variety That Maximizes Producer Income And Meets The Demands Of The Millers

This study was a continuous effort to collect data on 11 milling variety oats and 4 feed oat varieties in Central and Northern Alberta. The goal was to determine how variety and growing location will influence the yield and functional property attributes linked to beta-glucan levels of the oats. View the PDF below for final (2019) results.

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A Multi-Year Survey of Mycotoxins and Ergosterol in Canadian Oats

Authors: Sheryl A. Tittlemier, Richard Blagden, Jason Chan, Mike Roscoe, Kerri Pleskach

This project was a collaborative venture with funding contributed by the Canadian Grain Commission, the Prairie Oat Growers Association, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, and the Canada-Saskatchewan Growing Forward 2 bi-lateral agreement.

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Oat Opportunities in CPTPP Countries and China

The Government of Saskatchewan, The Government of Manitoba, The Government of Canada and POGA combined efforts in this report to look at barriers to entry and opportunities for oats in Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) countries as well as China.

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