Research Strategy

Research is a core function of the POGA. Working collaboratively with other partners and research organizations, POGA seeks to leverage research investment dollars to increase profitability of oat production for Prairie growers.

Through 2021, the three provincial associations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and Prairie oat growers have turned $3.9 M of levy dollars into $27.4 M which is means growers in Western Canada have contributed less than 15 cents of every dollar spent on research and marketing.

National Oat Research Strategy 2018–2023

Prepared with the support of the Government of Saskatchewan, Industry Organization Development Fund, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and The Prairie Oat Growers Association.


Oats are a vital part of the Canadian cropping rotation. Canada is the largest exporter of oats in the world and has a premier reputation for quality production. This success is underpinned by good research, so a National Research Strategy for Oats has been developed with all parts of the value chain involved.

POGA Research Projects

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Research Topic: Oat Breeding

  • Project Status: In Progress
  • Principal Investigators: Dr. Weikai Yan and Nick Tinker, AAFC Ottawa
  • Project Dates: April 2018 – March 2023
  • Abstract/Summary: There are six objectives in this project and POGA is helping fund objectives two to six:

    2) identifying optimal agronomic practices to achieve high and stable grain yield and quality, (yes just had condensed the list to save room)

    3) enhancing the current oat breeding procedures in both the Ottawa and Brandon programs with genomic selection,

    4) improving the ability to deploy appropriate rust resistance genes through a survey of Pc gene profiles in existing cultivars, and Pc gene effectiveness in western and eastern Canada,

    5) enhancing genetic diversity in North American oat breeding programs through a joint testing and genotyping network that promotes germplasm exchange and provides information about adaptation,

    6) developing a multi-faceted approach to data and knowledge management that enhances all objectives of this project and benefits world-wide pre-competitive oat research.
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Research Topic: Marketing

Market Access to India

  • Project Status: In Progress
  • Principal Investigators: POGA
  • Abstract/Summary: In 2016, POGA applied to the AAFC Market Access Secretariat for elimination of the requirement for methyl bromine fumigation on raw oats for human and feed consumption as well as a reduction in tariffs for processed oats and groats into India. This requirement for methyl bromide is also prevalent in other crops, most notably pulses. The Government of Canada has advised that until this issue is resolved in pulse it is unlikely to be resolved in other crops like oats.

Research Topic: Marketing

Market Access to China

  • Project Status: In Progress
  • Principal Investigators: funded in part by AAFC and directed by POGA through Emerging Ag
  • Abstract/Summary: POGA has reduced efforts in this area until the political landscape becomes more favourable. Other funds originally earmarked for market access have been redirected to the Japanese market.
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