Tools & Reference Materials

POGA provides producers with the resources they need to grow the best quality oat crops. This page contains tools and reference info. Lower down the page, we also describe the other pages of practical value to producers to be found under Production Resources.

Tools & Reference Materials for Producers

In this section, you will find tools and information to help you throughout the whole year. Click on the links in the yellow boxes to the right to access these tools!

  • Seed Guides (for AB, MB and SK)
  • Saskatchewan Seed Surveys
  • Fact Sheets (e.g., to help you manage herbicide-resistant wild oats)
  • Grain Silage Greenfeed Calculator
  • Nutrient Removal Calculator
  • Keep it Clean

Oat Growers Manual

When you open (click on) the Manual, the first page takes you to the Manual Overview. Scroll down a little on the grey column (the right side of the page) – this takes you to the Manual’s Table of Contents, and you can click on the chapter you want to open and read. Click here to open the overview of the Manual.

Do you want to save or print a pdf of the Manual? Then click on the first option in the grey side column, or click here: Downloads: Oat Grower Manual.

Do you want to save or print a pdf Quick Reference (Summary) of the Manual? Then click on the second option in the grey side column, or click here: Downloads: Quick Reference Guide.

You can also access previous versions of the Oat Growers Manual – scroll down the grey side column to access the 2017 or 2010 versions.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery provides pictures of interest to producers and the public: oat producers and farms, taken at various times of the year and locations across the prairies.


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But..Don’t Stop on the Production Resources page!

You will also be interested in POGA’s Supported Initiatives page. There, you will see a list of some of the important programs that POGA and/or the provincial commissions support to help spread agricultural education and public outreach to the larger community!


Click below for 2024 Seed Guides for each province

Alberta 2024 Seed Guide

Manitoba 2024 Seed Guide

Saskatchewan 2024 Seed Guide


The Saskatchewan Seed Surveys are produced in conjunction with SaskOats, Sask Wheat, SaskBarley & SaskPulse.

2023 Survey (graciously formatted by Sask Wheat)

2022 Survey

2021 Survey


An Excel calculator, from Saskatchewan Agriculture’s website: Link to the calculator.


Two University of Saskatchewan (USask) soil scientists created a new Prairie Nutrient Removal Calculator—an online tool that provides a critical piece of information to help make on-farm fertilizer decisions. Link to the calculator.


POGA began participating in the Cereals Canada Keep It Clean Program in 2016. This program provides information produces need to deliver crops that meet the requirements of domestic and export customers. POGA continues to fund this program recognizing the importance of keeping markets open. Link to the calculator.