SaskOats Strategic Plan

Increase the long-term profitability of producing oats for Saskatchewan growers.

Optimize oats as a competitive crop and increase grower profitability through the grower supported levy which directs and funds research, helps develop new markets and products for oats, influences policy, and builds partnerships with the oat industry around the world to better serve the Saskatchewan oat grower.

Saskatchewan Oat Development Commission (SaskOats) Strategic Plan 2022 and Beyond

SaskOats Values

  • Grower focus: Focus on the Saskatchewan oat grower in all decisions, initiatives and activities.

  • Market Development: Make strategic investments in the creation of new oat markets, while expanding current markets and continuously looking for opportunities to assist in the development and export of new oat products that provide the most benefit to oat growers.

  • Research and Development: Support research into the development of high quality and high yielding oats, in addition to oat products that meet consumer demands.

  • Fiscal Responsibility: Ensure funds collected from growers are utilized to maximize the benefit to oat growers while managing risk.

  • Leverage Relationships: Build and sustain collaborative relationships with other organizations that share common objectives to advance mutually beneficial projects and policies.

SaskOats Goals

  • Increase Net Return: Work to increase supply and demand of Saskatchewan and Western Canadian oats to encourage favorable pricing for growers and therefore maximizing the oat grower’s net return.

  • Partnerships: Develop and support partnerships that will enhance the profitability of oats for the Saskatchewan grower while increasing consumer demand.

  • Communication: Communicate effectively with, and be a trusted advisor to, growers, consumers, government and industry.

  • Market Diversity: Expand opportunities for raw and processed Canadian oats to new and growing markets within Canada and abroad.

  • Policy: Develop meaningful relationships with the Government of Saskatchewan, the Government of Canada, transportation companies and industry associations to help influence positive policy decisions on behalf of growers in Saskatchewan.


SaskOats will focus on five strategic priorities:


The SaskOats Board of Directors are responsible for the strategic direction and financial oversight of SaskOats, and delegate the day-to-day operations of the organization to the Executive Director.

To guide the Executive Director, the Board determined the following targeted allocation of funds, excluding administration, for each of the strategic priorities:

  1. Market Development: 45%
  2. Research: 35%
  3. Communication: 10%
  4. Advocacy: 5%
  5. Building Partnerships: 5%

Note: This allocation is a general guideline, and it is not the expectation of the Board that expenditures will result in an exact allocation.