Supported Initiatives

POGA and the provincial oat commissions fund many different organizations, and not all of them are represented here.


AG FOR LIFE (AB): The Ag for Life Oats for Breakfast Program has received an overwhelming response in the short time that it was promoted. Schools from all over Alberta have taken a proactive step towards ensuring that their students have access to a balanced meal for the day ahead. Read the 2023 highlights

AG IN THE CLASSROOM (SK): Ag in the Classroom completed their Teacher Expedition, where twenty six teachers from across Saskatchewan joined the two tours where SK agriculture was proudly showcased. The Expedition was an overall success and the attending teachers have new information, skills, and resources to share with their students and teaching community.  Read the highlights here.

FARM AND FOOD CARE SK: SaskOats supports Farm and Food Care’s Meals from the Farm Program. 

Read the 2023 program highlights here. View their “Virtual Chicken Barn Tour” here.

GREAT TASTES OF MANITOBA (GTOM): Oat recipes were featured on GTOM! Check out the Great Tastes of Manitoba website for many tasty recipes, including: Honey Oat Sandwich Loaf, Strawberry Coconut Energy Balls, and Lentil Soda Bread.

GTOM Episodes featuring oats can be seen in: “Lunch Box Baking” and “Brunch Baking to Share“.

The November 18, 2023 Season 34, Episode 11, Better with Beans, also featured the recipe White Bean Chocolate Chip Cookies, which includes oats.


POGA, and many other agricultural organizations, are supporting the Extended Interswitching campaign, which is working to support and extend the pilot trial for extended interswitching measures passed in Bill C-47 (2023).

In addition to background information, the campaign’s website includes Myths and Facts, presenting some of the arguments made against interswitching and providing the rationale for extending interswitching Canada.

For more information, go to:

OTHER VALUABLE SUPPORTED RESOURCES: POGA and the commissions have supported many projects that benefit producers. Click this link for other Tools and Reference Materials (Seed Guides, Seed Surveys, producer calculators, and much more). Also, a wealth of information can be found on the Research Projects page.

Seed Guides

Click below for 2024 Seed Guides for each province

Alberta 2024 Seed Guide

Manitoba 2024 Seed Guide

Saskatchewan 2024 Seed Guide

Seed Surveys

The Saskatchewan Seed Surveys are produced in conjunction with SaskOats, Sask Wheat, SaskBarley & SaskPulse.

2023 Survey (graciously formatted by Sask Wheat)

2022 Survey

2021 Survey