Keep it Clean!


POGA began participating in the Cereals Canada Keep It Clean Program in 2016. This program provides information produces need to deliver crops that meet the requirements of domestic and export customers. POGA continues to fund this program recognizing the importance of keeping markets open.

Managing Pre-Harvest Glyphosate

Keep it Clean is reminding Canadian canola, cereal and pulse growers that careful management of pre-harvest glyphosate applications can help to ensure crops meet the needs of our domestic and export customers. Applying pre-harvest glyphosate too early can result in unacceptable product residues in the grain which can create market risk.

Stay Ahead of Fusarium Head Blight

You can help to limit the presence of the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (DON), and protect the marketability of your harvested oats, by taking a proactive approach to managing fusarium head blight (FHB) this growing season.

Know the 2020 Products of Concern for Cereals

Protect your investments and the marketability of your cereal crop by being aware of the market considerations for the following crop protection products: glyphosate (e.g. Roundup), saflufenacil (e.g. Kixor) and chlormequat (e.g. Manipulator).

Follow the Label

Improper or off-label use of crop protection products can jeopardize growers’ investments and create market risk for all agriculture commodities. By ensuring you always read and follow the label, Canadian growers like you can protect your investment and do your part to keep markets open for all.

Follow the 5 Simple Tips to Keep it Clean

When you consider market access at all points in the growing season and take the necessary steps to grow a market-ready crop, you can protect your investments and help keep markets open for all.

Reduce Mycotoxins to Keep it Clean!

Help maintain Canada’s reputation for quality cereals and protect your investments by keeping Ochratoxin A (OTA) out of your stored grain.

Fall Application of Glyphosate

Important: Oats may not be accepted if treated with glyphosate pre-harvest. Always check with your grain buyer before applying glyphosate to oats.