Research is a core function of the POGA. Working collaboratively with other partners and research organizations, POGA seeks to leverage research investment dollars to increase profitability of oat production for Prairie growers.

Through 2021, the three provincial associations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and Prairie oat growers have turned $3.9 M of levy dollars into $27.4 M which is means growers in Western Canada have contributed less than 15 cents of every dollar spent on research and marketing.

National Oat Research Strategy 2018–2023

Prepared with the support of the Government of Saskatchewan, Industry Organization Development Fund, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and The Prairie Oat Growers Association.


Oats are a vital part of the Canadian cropping rotation. Canada is the largest exporter of oats in the world and has a premier reputation for quality production. This success is underpinned by good research, so a National Research Strategy for Oats has been developed with all parts of the value chain involved.

FULL Project Listing

For a full list of projects that are ongoing/completed each year, please see the Annual Reports under the respective provincial commissions.