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Learn to Lead 2022

SaskOats is sponsoring Learn to Lead. Learn to Lead: Growing the next crop of leaders in Saskatchewan March 18 & 19, 2022 in Saskatoon Do you have a passion for …

Tight Seed Supply to Occur in 2022

With this year’s extreme drought and the rapid escalation of grain prices, it’s more important than ever for farmers to line-up next year’s supply of planting seed early. An Interactive …

Grain Silage Greenfeed Calculator

Want to know what your Greenfeed is worth? Use the Government of Saskatchewan’s Grain Silage Greenfeed Calculator to see if it makes sense to cut your crops for silage. This …

Alberta Farmers See Growth Opportunity in Oat Milk

Managing Herbicidie-Resistant Kochia Kochia (Bassia scoparia) is an annual broadleaf noxious weed that is an increasing concern for crop producers throughout Canada. The troublesome weed can significantly impact crop yield. Research shows …


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