Oat Scoop, June 2022

In the June 2022 issue of the Oat Scoop:

  • POGA Marketing Campaigns Exceed Targets
  • POGA Thanks All Exiting Directors
  • SAVE the DATES! For your commission’s AGM
  • New POGA Director: Edgar Scheurer
  • Nutrients for Oats (What, Where, When and How Much)
  • New POGA Director: Jason Wiese
  • POGA Presents at the 2022 NAMA Conference
  • Ottawa Outreach 2022
  • Oat Advantage Breeding Program Update
  • Oats and Pulses Hook Up
  • What Might CRISPR Technology Mean for Oats?
  • Project to Revise Nutrient Uptake and Removal Guidelines
  • Which Oat Varieties Held it Together?
  • Integrated Disease Management in Saskatchewan Oats
  • New POGA Director: Jessica Slowski
  • Alberta Oat Variety Trials Annual Round-up of the Best Oat Varieties
  • POGA 25th Annual AGM Agenda