Oat Scoop, March 2023

In the Mar 2023 issue of the Oat Scoop:


  • POGA 25th Celebration
  • Fertilizer Markets and How Producers will be Affected in the Upcoming Growing Season
  • Meet your Director: Elwood White
  • Do Oats Respond to Higher Levels of Macronutrients?
  • Project Update: Do Peas Grown with Oats or Canola Affect Each Other?
  • Meet your Director: Ryan Zuchkan
  • Project Highlights: Insect Response to Climate Change; Prairie Crop Disease Monitoring Network; Alberta Oat Variety Trials 
  • Wow, how a Stats Can Report Influences the Market!
  • Can Different Age Groups Work in Harmony?
  • Why Would Anyone Want to Encourage Wild Oats to Grow?
  • Does Expanding Diversified Cropping Systems Make Economic Sense?
  • Oat and Pulse Flours Are a Nutritious Part of a Healthy Diet
  • Your Board at work!