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POGA's 21st Annual AGM and Conference - 2018

Location: Sheraton Cavalier, Saskatoon, SK
Date: Thursday, December 6, 2018

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8:00 am Registration and Free Hot Breakfast
8:40 am Welcome and Introduction – Art Enns, POGA President
8:45 am Oat Market Outlook – Chuck Penner, LeftField Commodity Research
9:45 am What the Dickens has Oat Genomics Done for You Lately? The Groats of Christmas Past, Present and Yet-to-Come – Nick Tinker, AAFC Research Scientist in Cereal Genomics
10:15 am POGA Annual General Meeting – Art Enns, POGA President
10:30 am Coffee Break
11:00 am Diversifying Markets: Update on China and Mexico – Robynne Anderson, President, Emerging Ag
11:45 am Soup and Sandwich Lunch – Tour the Sponsor’s Displays
12:45 pm Disruptors in Agriculture – Marty Seymour, Industry and Stakeholder Relations, Farm Credit Canada
1:45 pm The Ever-changing Climate: The Weather to Expect Beyond 2018 – Dave Sauchyn, Ph.D., Professor, Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative
2:15 pm The Oat Superstars, a Few Activities the POGA Directors and Staff Have Been Involved In
2:30 pm Plant Protein and the Potential in the Three New "NAFTAs,” - Carlo Dade, Director, Centre for Trade and Investment Policy, The Canada West Foundation
3:15 pm Coffee Break
3:45 pm Hey, Agriculture: Did You See What They Did to the Canadian Energy Sector? Don't Let it Happen to You. - Brad Wall, Senior Advisor, Osler, Hoskin and Harcourt LLP and previous Saskatchewan Premier
5:00 pm Wrap-up and Adjourn – Art Enns, POGA President
5:45 pm Social Hour at the Sheraton Cavalier
6:30 pm

Dinner and Speakers:

Greetings from Saskatchewan's Agriculture Minister, the Honourable David Marit

How Making Oat Vodka and Whiskey is Highly Unique and Specialized – John Cote, Black Fox Farm and Distillery (additional fee applies)

8:00 pm Adjourn

Following are the presentations made at the conference (PDF versions of the original PowerPoint presentations):

POGA's 20th Annual AGM and Conference - 2017

Location: Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Banff.
Date: Thursday, December 7, 2017

Meet and Greet the evening of December 6, 2017.

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8:00am Registration and Free Hot Breakfast
8:45am Welcome and Introduction – Art Enns, POGA President
9:00am What's Driving North American Agriculture in the Year Ahead? Mike Pearson, Market to Market host, Writer of Weekly Journal of Rural America and co-host of Ag News Daily podcast.
10:00am Results from Two Years of Oat Variety trials in Westlock and Falher, AB . . .Spoiler Alert: the best variety was not Morgan in year one; we’ll have to wait and see for year two! Sandeep Nain, General Manager, Gateway Research Organization
10:30am Coffee Break
11:00am POGA Annual General Meeting – Art Enns, POGA President
11:15am USA Oat Marketing Campaign: What’s Happened in the First 6 months and What’s the Future Plan? Jody Dundas, Partner and Chief Strategist, Suckerpunch Creative
12:00pm Soup and Sandwich Lunch – Tour the Sponsor’s Displays
1:00pm What is the State of the Canadian Transportation Industry Right Now? Mark Hemmes, President, Quorum Corporation
1:30pm China: Progress on POGA's Application to Allow Canadian Oats into China for Food and Feed Use! Robynne Anderson, President, Emerging Ag
1:40pm The Oat Superstars, a Few Activities the POGA Directors and Staff have been Involved in
2:00pm Ways the University of Alberta is Developing Oats for End Uses and Utilizing the Total Oat to get more Value for Them, Dr. Lingyun Chen, Ph.D., Professor, University of Alberta
2:45pm The Updated POGA Grower Manual, How It Can Help Producers and Breeding Results from Oat Advantage, Jim Dyck, Owner and Private Oat Breeder, Oat Advantage
3:15pm Coffee Break
3:45pm Oat Market Outlook; Randy Strychar, President,
4:45pm Wrap-up and Adjourn – Art Enns, POGA President
5:45pm Social Hour at the Banff Springs Hotel
6:30pm Dinner and Speaker: What Makes Consumers Tick, Carman Allison, VP of Consumer Insights, Nielsen (Additional Cost: $50)
8:00pm Adjourn

Following are the presentations made at the conference (PDF versions of the original PowerPoint presentations):

POGA's 19th Annual AGM and Conference - 2016

Located on 360 acres in Hecla Grindstone Provincial Park, the Lakeview Hecla, home to the 2016 POGA AGM, is designed for year round exploration, comfort and relaxation. The 19th annual general meeting of the Prairie Oat Growers Association is slated for Thursday December 1, 2016 at the Lakeview Hecla Resort.

Location: Lakeview Hecla, Hecla Island, MB
Date: Thursday, December 1, 2016

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AGM Agenda

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Registration and free hot breakfast – Meet our sponsors and enter the draw for $100 worth of FREE OAT GROCERIES
Welcome and Introduction – Art Enns, POGA President
Greetings from Manitoba Agriculture (TBC)
Mycotoxins in oats: what are they, where are they, and why do they matter – Sheryl Tittlemier, The Canadian Grain Commission.
The effects of oats in rotations with other crops and do oat cultivars differ in response to nitrogen rates – Bill May, Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada (AAFC), Indian Head, SK
Diversifying oat markets: How demand in areas like India and China could drastically change the Canadian Oat Export Market, what needs to be done and how the Government is willing to help – Trade Commissioner, AAFC, Ottawa, ON
Coffee Break
Market Diversification: Increased sales to the Mexican market and future plans – Paulina Ceballos, Emerging Ag
Soup and sandwich lunch – tour the sponsors' displays
Assessing North America crop weather trends for 2017 – Drew Lerner, President, World Weather, Inc.
Driving Efficiency in the Canadian Grain Supply Chain – Murray Hamilton, Assistant VP Grain & Intermodal Sales, Canadian Pacific Railway
POGA Annual General Meeting – Art Enns, POGA President
Coffee Break
Oats and animal feed: what can it mean for your farm – Rex Newkirk, Research Chair Feed Processing, University of Saskatchewan
Market Outlook for Oats and Other Crops – Marlene Boersch, Owner & Managing Partner, Mercantile Consulting Venture Inc.
Wrap-up and Adjourn – Art Enns, POGA President
Social Hour at the Hecla Island resort
Dinner and speaker: Culinary Collaborations, how to grow oats sales through restaurant and pre-packaged goods. – Peter Ecker, Corporate Chef for Sysco Canada (Additional Cost of $50)

Following are the presentations made at the conference (PDF versions of the original PowerPoint presentations):

Daytime seminars, breakfast and lunch $20.00
Optional Evening Banquet $50.00
*Times and agenda topics subject to change, for updates, pre-registration and credit card payments visit beginning Sept 2016.
Note: For those arriving on Wednesday November 30th, there will be a meet and greet beginning at 8pm at the Hecla Resort

POGA's 18th Annual AGM and Conference - 2015

Moose Jaw Saskatchewan; December 3, 2015: Balmy weather, festive surroundings, fabulous food and great interest in the oat industry all contributed to a successful meeting and conference of Prairie Oat Growers Association. One hundred and thirty (130) plus oat growers, industry folk, researchers, academia, other agriculture specialists, food and health professionals met at Temple Spa Gardens to share information related to production, marketing and consumption of western Canadian oats and oat products.

Special Guests at the event included the Honourable Lyle Stewart, Minister of Agriculture, Saskatchewan, who brought greetings and the Venezuelan Ambassador to Canada Sr. Wilmer Omar Barrientos Fernandez. The Ambassador’s purpose was to meet oat growers and understand oat production in Canada as a potential supplier of quality oats to his country. Current oat imports to Venezuela are from America, Argentina and Europe. Minister Stuart and Ambassador Fernandez had opportunity to chat at the conference.

The day’s program was very diverse covering topics like the weather, agronomy, transport, weed management, varieties, market outlook and new information on gluten-free oats.

The Market Outlook is always welcomed by oat growers, and this year Brenda Tjaden Lepp, Farmlink, delivered her perspective and handed out bits of advise to growers, like getting a free app called Farm at Hand, for their operation which records bin inventories, acreage intentions, mapping of the crop etc . This helps farmers “know what they have”, and “what will be out next year.” Also know your cost of production as this provides a tool to negotiate prices. Regarding the oat market; oat futures are up, we are starting to see increased prices in small geographic regions; commercial pipeline is relatively full for short term, but companies will be looking supplies all year long. Year to date farmer selling was capping upside with harvest pressures and on going cash flow requirements, which suggests a flat outlook for most markets. This combined with the value of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar direction will also influence oat prices and in oat markets we see a lagged influence of the impact.

Shelley Case, registered dietitian and celiac expert and author, shared information related to celiac disease and the inclusion of oats in a celiac diet. Although, gluten-free is trending today as a healthier diet, it is not a magic pill for weight loss, and there are two types of people who are following it: those who follow nutrition trends, and those who have celiac disease and have to avoid gluten in their food supply. This diet must be followed for life to stop disease effects on their body and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Case mentions that although oats do not contain same proteins as wheat, rye or barley, they are often contaminated with these cereals by production or processing methods using the same equipment for the crops. The good news for the oat industry, is that after many years of cooperation to have oat production and processing segregated from the other crops has led to a market authorization to make gluten free claims on their products. The market authority permits the use of gluten-free oats that contain

Farmers were briefed on new oat varieties available, enabling supply chains for oats, and new entrants into western grains.

POGA president Art Enns presided over the business meeting. He also took the opportunity to thank the event sponsors, who make this event possible with their support. POGA directors from Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan were in attendance for the entire day and took many opportunities to talk with oat growers and industry members present.

The evening ended on a very positive note, with Samantha Stephens, owner of OatMeals, one of the hottest new restaurants in New York, serving oats in a wide variety of forms from savour to sweet, to hot and cold, to a very welcoming public. Stephens told her successful story and that she has plans to franchise the business, creating another new and exciting market for western Canadian oats.

Following are the presentations made at the conference (PDF versions of the original PowerPoint presentations).

POGA's 17th Annual AGM and Conference - 2014

The 17th Annual AGM and Conference for the Prairie Oat Growers was held December 4, 2014 in the scenic and beautiful Fairmont (Banff Springs) hotel in Banff, AB. With what could be considered one of the better turnouts of past conferences, the day was filled with informative speakers and engaging discussion.

To kick off the event, Dave Burdek, Assistant Deputy Minister to Agriculture provided greetings to the crowd on behalf of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

The morning proved to be chalk full of information starting with Neil Blue, a market specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development speaking on oat marketing and “how to hedge the market using a variety of resources”. His presentation was informative and encompassed a great deal of marketing resources with take home points focused around the idea that price and basis remain the same, that there are ways to reduce risk using different levels of risk tolerance (i.e. diversification, flexibility, insurance, market alternatives), and that the starting point to manage risk is developing a marketing plan.

Randy Strychar (president with Ag Commodity Research) provided follow-up with his presentation on the Oat Market Outlook. Randy outlined the key factors driving the oat market including Canadian rail car supply, fund/specs, CBOT oat carry, high price of oats in the US horse market, and tighter 2014/15 oat end stocks. He finished up his presentation by providing a spread outlook that stated that Dec/Mar should maintain decent to good carry if Canadian oat exports hold current pace however this could also could result in them loosing further ground to corn and wheat if 2015 Canadian oat plantings are up 10% or more.

The morning was then wrapped with an ever popular topic among farmers – weather. Drew Learner with World Weather, Inc provided his outlook on world weather patterns with a prediction for the prairies of warmer winter temperatures with the potential for dryness in the spring and summer. He predicted that in general for much of the prairies, moisture levels will coast on abundant subsoil moisture and then dry down in the late spring and summer.

Following lunch was the POGA AGM meeting which was then followed up with a quick update from Tom Grafenhan from the Grain Research Laboratory with the Canadian Grain Commission on a project currently funded by POGA and the Agriculture Development Fund on the occurrence of toxigenic fungi and associated mycotoxins in oats.

Sheri Strydhorst, Agronomy Research Scientist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development then presented on a project specific to Alberta, partially funded by the Alberta Oat Growers Association entitled, “Optimizing Oat Yield, Quality and Standability in Central Alberta”. She provided an excellent overview on the three year project which is well into its first year. She outlined the three main markets for oats being pony oats (high performance feed), milling oats (human consumption) and feed oats. The Alberta climate is suitable for high quality oat production however current agronomic practices and varietal choices are not producing the high quality oats required for millers. Previous to in depth detail on the project, Sheri stated that the overall objectives of the project include increasing the milling quality of oats grown in Alberta and therefore increasing profitability to Alberta oat growers, providing increase awareness on variety choices, and then sharing agronomic tips to producers.

Transportation is a hot topic among grain producers but particularly to those in the oat industry. Robynne Anderson, President with Emerging Ag provided the next presentation on a report of Transportation Activities to date with a focus on the Canadian Transportation Act review. This then lead into a panel discussion moderated by Robynne on Grain Transportation and the issues facing oat farmers and other members of the value chain. Participating panel members included Bruce McFadden: Director of Research and Analysis, Quorum Corporation; Lorne Boundy: Trader, Paterson Grain; and Jim McCarthy: President & CEO, North American Millers Association.

Wrapping up what was deemed an incredibly successful day was the banquet and keynote speaker:

Life is What you Make it: A Personal Story of Adversity and Adventure –Leona Dargis, Motivational Speaker; Young Leader in Agriculture and 2011 Canadian Nuffield Scholar

Following are the presentations made at the conference (PDF versions of the original PowerPoint presentations).

POGA's 16th Annual Conference - 2013

POGA's 16th Annual Conference and AGM was held December 5, 2013 in Winnipeg.

Following are the presentations made at the conference (PDF versions of the original PowerPoint presentations).

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